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Holiday Decorating for Out-Of-Town Guests

When family and friends are coming from far away to visit you for the holidays, you want your home to be warm, inviting and of course Christmasy. Here are some great decorating inspirations that will make your home bright, cheery and full of holiday fun.

Decorating with Mini Trees

We all have that one big Christmas tree, usually in the living room. That’s the one where all the presents go. But to accent that yuletide focal point in your home you can add mini artificial trees throughout the house. Small illuminated ones in the bathroom, in the hallways, or even in the guest bedrooms makes the whole house glow with Christmas joy. You can even leave small gifts for your guests under each of the mini trees: soaps and lotions in the bathroom, small boxes of chocolates in the guest rooms. The season of giving will resonate throughout their stay.

Enhancing Your Home with Christmas Scents

Adding the smell of Christmas evokes fond memories and makes everyone’s visit even warmer. Go online to Balsam Hill for unique Christmas fragrances in candles and scented oils that will make your home aromatic for the holidays.


Making Your Fireplace a Center for Family Gatherings

If your home has a fireplace, be sure to use fresh scented firewood and arrange furniture to make the hearth a focus for family storytelling and eggnog. Include some roasting forks from Balsam Hill so that roasting marshmallows becomes a family tradition.

Unique Decorations Add Flair

Finding that very distinctive decorative idea is easy at Balsam Hill. Try fairy string light cloches to add whimsical light shows to entryways and hallways. As the lights go off at bedtime, these dazzling decorations leave your home enriched with fairy light.

Snow Globes Add Cute Accents

Find your favorite snow globes to add a bit of the outdoors inside. Festive globes accent end tables and buffet tables. They also make excellent gifts for family members who collect these fun decorations. And for children, snow globes on a nightstand fills their heads with dreams and wishes for Christmas.

For great deals on all your Christmas decorating ideas, visit Balsam Hill. Special offers are now available. Enjoy your décor and your guests.